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We collaborate with brands to create impact at the intersection of traditional advertising and real-life technology.

We are Gauged2. Est 2006

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We believe in the space where technology bridges the gap from your brand to your audience.

Gauged2 is a traditional agency for the digital era. We've taken our traditional advertising and branding backgrounds and melded that with our strengths in digital and development to create a digital hybrid agency. Having served clients like Tylenol, Miley Cyrus, Homedics, Asics, Verifone, and Jon Daly we continue to make a splash in our industry while working with startups and Fortune 100/500 companies alike. Gauged2 was conceived sometime during 2005 in Tampa, FL. In the Summer of 2013, Gauged2 decided to make the move from our hometown to establish a new base in the Triangle - Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill for you non-North Carolinians :)

Our philosophy as an agency is quite simple. Every initiative begins with listening. We listen to you, listen to the project goals and listen to the target customer. Then, we think. We think about the limitations and ways to break through them. We think about ways to do something fresh and something new. We think about the plan on a high level with a big-picture mindset. To us, thinking always comes before response (or action). Third, we respond. We take those big plans and create them in a structure, agile methodology. Agile creates flexibility to push the envelope. Flexibility to address and ever-changing market. We design and tweak. We build and optimize. We deliver. And then, when we’ve delivered, we listen again.

If you are just looking for a list of services we offer, well, we can give you an exhaustive list. BUT… just know that our mindset isn’t on the ‘what can we do for you’ but ‘what is your goal. Let’s find the way to get there.